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Riverstone Scheduled Lands – Precinct A (Stages 1-3)

Landcom and 51 Riverstone landowner groups are working together to unlock this early paper subdivision.

Landcom Event 28112019 HR 107This land at Riverstone was subdivided on paper back in the late 1800s but was never developed due to the land’s highly fragmented ownership and a lack of essential infrastructure such as streets, roads, electricity, water, sewerage and drainage. The first application of the paper subdivision process was introduced in 2013 through amendments to the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulations.

Our role in Precinct A (stages 1-3) has been to coordinate the subdivision and development of the land to facilitate the provision of this essential infrastructure so we can ensure the necessary urban services are provided in this growing part of Sydney’s northwest.

FY20 reached an historic milestone with the first of 100 developed lots of the former paper subdivision soon to be available to for sale.

This project aligns with our broader strategic goals of:

  • Increasing housing affordability and supply;
  • Leading partnerships to unlock development opportunities and improve project delivery; and
  • Continuing to demonstrate our excellence in sustainable development and planning practice.

Ongoing problem solving through this project included managing the legislative processes across landowners and working with Blacktown City Council to remediation. It will deliver approximately 300 homes sites and inform future partnerships across NSW to unlock paper subdivisions.

Working closely with landowners and relevant authorities such as local councils makes it possible to plan and release complex, constrained and fragmented land.

There are more than 10,000 paper subdivision lots across NSW, including in Blacktown, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, Wollongong, Wyong and Sutherland Shire local government areas.

After 20 years of planning and more than two years of construction, the first registration of serviced lots within the Riverstone Scheduled Lands is a step closer to reality.


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