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Macarthur Heights

This partnership with Western Sydney University will provide 960 home sites and over 40 hectares of regenerated public space including natural watercourses, new sportsfields, public recreation areas and embellishment of Lake Thomson.

Macarthur Heights is located in the south west of Sydney, walking distance to Macarthur train station and Macarthur Square Shopping Centre, with views over Campbelltown and close to The Australian Botanic Garden. Pedestrian and cycle links provide access to Campbelltown TAFE and Western Sydney University.

After completing masterplanning in 2012, we have been constructing community infrastructure and delivering quality residential lots since 2014. Construction of civil works for Stage 5 is near completion and will offer a diversity of housing lots for purchase.

Different sized housing sites at different price points offer affordability to suit families of all types, sizes and incomes. This supports a healthy and diverse community where families and people with different housing needs are catered for and feel welcome.

This year, completion of landscaping works for the new Claremont Park, and commencement of works on a new family friendly park alongside Lake Thomson add to the already impressive public open space at Macarthur Heights. A competition-grade sportsfield and training oval within the sports precinct continue is the new home for the Macarthur Football Club.

In response to feedback from the community, we are planning for play equipment at Main Ridge Park next year to further support the growing Macarthur Heights community.

Toward the end of FY19 Landcom launched its first Sustainability Rebate to home buyers at Macarthur Heights. This is a new incentive to encourage greater sustainability and resilience of new homes in Landcom communities.

The Sustainability Rebate supplements Landcom's existing Landscaping and Fencing Rebate and offers a $15,000 incentive to buyers who build their homes to meet or exceed Landcom's standards. Homes that meet the requirements for the rebate can save up to $1,300 per year on utility costs.

We also support social sustainability through community development initiatives. We supported The Macarthur Heights Residents Group to become incorporated, and we also support the local Heart Foundation walking group.

In response to COVID-19 we took our community development activities at Macarthur Heights online, with many people enjoying cooking, gardening and other online activities with their virtual neighbours.

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